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Action Against Hunger provides foresight analysis to improve humanitarian planning

Planning for the future

Humanitarian organisations like Action Against Hunger operate in a very reactive environment, making long-term planning extremely difficult. In an age of uncertainty, it is ever more important that we understand how humanitarian and protracted crises are changing and developing, and how that influences our plans and strategies to meet future needs. 

This is why, together with our partners at the IRIS institute, we have created the Interagency Regional Analysts Network to improve strategic humanitarian planning and decision-making for the future. The Interagency Regional Analysts Network provides foresight and analytical research capacity which informs operational and management teams, and allows them to prepare strategically for the future. 

Our expert analysts provide insight, analysis and research on topics as varied as migration, food security, demography, counterterrorism, political volatility and nutrition to help colleagues and partners around the world to better understand the contexts we work in and how these will change. 

Our ambition is to grow our network to include other operational and academic agencies, cutting across sectors. The model will allow agencies with differing levels of analytical human resources to join the consortium and work together.

If you would like to know more about the Interagency Regional Analysts Network, set up a partnership, find out about current partners or our plans for expansion, please email us.

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